Bitcoin Rush Experience – Serious or Scam and Fake?

Bitcoin Rush reviewEveryone is talking about Bitcoin Rush. Because this is where the fast money can be made. Is this statement really true or all just a big hoax and fake? Can you really make big money with minimal investment? Many people are suspicious and want to find out whether Bitcoin Rush is serious. Because many websites also report profits. But is it really all real? Are the comments from real people? Read the Bitcoin Rush experience here.


Bitcoin Rush review

Bitcoin Rush review

Advantages of eToro

  • Bitcoin Rush review 100% security
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What is Bitcoin Rush?

Bitcoin Rush reviewThe Bitcoin Rush system is supposedly known from shows and is always supposed to work. This is a classic crypto trading bot. Users need to deposit an amount of at least 250.00 euros and can try trading. The process is quite simple to understand, because the crypto trading bot is the executing link. It executes the trading of different cryptocurrencies quite automatically. Basically, a robot works with the deposited money. The advantage here is that the robot is active 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Emotional uncertainties are completely left out of the equation here, as is the case with humans.

A crypto bot cannot make any promises of profit, which can lead to failure. The trader can make profit, but equally lose all his money. A crypto robot or bot, in principle, imitates the action strategy of the respective trader. The system behind it is a sophisticated computer algorithm. Within a few seconds, the data of the different Bitcoin markets are determined.

Is it a con or is the Bitcoin Rush tobot trader legit?

Bitcoin is among the largest cryptocurrencies of all and this is exactly where the problem lies, because Bitcoins in particular are abused time and time again. There are numerous platforms, which are located in German-speaking countries and seem reputable at first glance. However, if you take a 2nd look or register with one of these dubious platforms, sooner or later you will wake up. At the beginning, you can certainly be happy, because you generate income and that in a simple way. Of course, you get curious and want to get more out of your money, but in the end you lose not only your stake, but often much more. There are of course reputable alternatives where you can sign up, such as the platform eToro.

Bitcoin Rush review

eToro that multinational social trading company

EToro is an investment platform that has a global presence. Here you can invest in cryptos, stocks, commodities and some more. Sign up for free at eToro and you’re good to go. Real cryptocurrencies including wallet are offered, the purchase of stocks and ETFs is free of charge and especially important, because eToro is regulated under EU law. If one wants to trade, there is a flat fee of 0.09 percent per trade. If you want to buy a trade, however, you have to assume standard fees of 4.00 euros. Custody fees are not charged, however.

eToro test, experience and rating

The platform has a good reputation worldwide and is considered a reputable provider. Especially the eToro Copy Trading has a unique selling point, which makes the trading platform an appealing provider in the field of cryptocurrency. Investors, regardless of whether they are old hands or beginners, are always informed about the possible risks. The offer is always revised and expanded. Moreover, the advantages are quite obvious.


  • Social Trading
  • good customer service
  • the trading options offer a wide range
  • payments with paypal possible
  • Website modern and clear at the same time
  • numerous deposit options available

How to recognize dubious providers in trading platforms?

Bitcoin Rush sounds very appealing and who doesn’t want to make a quick buck. The right trading platform is the crucial point here and also here you do not get any guarantees. Signing up on such platforms is quick, as is buying cryptos, but even experienced investors often lose a lot of money. It is important to find out about the respective platform on the Internet in advance. What experiences have other investors had? What reviews can be found on the Internet? Is the provider reputable or is it all just a big scam? Unfortunately, you can’t always recognize a fake at first glance, but there are initial signs.


  1. There are promises of high profits made on the website
  2. An EU recognized authority, such as FMA, CySec or BaFin are nowhere represented on the website
  3. the operator has not provided a phone number to contact
  4. the operator’s registered office is located on some island
  5. one searches in vain for information concerning the company


What can you do if you have fallen into the net of a Bitcoin fraudster?

Often it is already too late when you realize that you have fallen for a scam. The investor may have invested a lot of money and lost it. However, the fraudulent Bitcoin broker should definitely be held accountable. It is important that no further money is deposited, because this is also lost. The first route should then be to the police and the consumer protection agency can often help as well. Certainly, other people will have already come forward who have fallen for a fake. A great, albeit sad advantage, because the more people have filed a complaint, the faster you get the scammers on the scam.

Of course, you don’t have to give up trading now if it was actually fun, but the next time you try, be sure to look for a reputable provider. Brokers who advertise with a low deposit of about 250.00 euros and make promises to be able to increase this money tenfold do not sound particularly reputable. Certainly, you can make a lot of money with Bitcoin Rush, but equally you can lose a lot of money.

Testing Bitcoin Rush with Minimal Stakes

There is a lot to be said for testing the broker, website or chosen company in advance if you want to invest in Bitcoins. It is advisable here that you choose a small amount for the first deposit, which you can possibly get over. Fraudsters often advertise with small deposits and of course the investor doubles his stake. If a payout is possible, you can continue to try, but it is always advisable to exchange information with other people before buying Bitcoins. Reviews and experiences can be extremely helpful here. Again and again, celebrities advertise on the Internet with the big profit, but here, too, caution is advised, as it is often a hoax.