Bitcoin Revival review – Is it a scam or legit? Our test!

Bitcoin Revival reviewBrowsing the web you can find really interesting things, for example, some time ago I was really struck by the way trading was changing, as multiple digital currencies were now emerging, which gained unimaginable value in a very short time, thus attracting many people who were interested in learning more.

But these people not only wanted to know more, they also wanted to know what to do to invest, as it seems that it is quite profitable to get into digital trading. The only drawback was that, being such a new market, the professionals in the area were very few, and mostly charged large fees for advising you with their expertise.

Gradually some people were learning this way, but others, much more risky, decided to acquire knowledge through practice, knowing well how the business worked.

Many of these people decided to share their knowledge with others, creating websites and applications that would become platforms to start trading cryptocurrencies, and thus were driving this trade, as eToro still does.

Also some experts in other areas saw this as an opportunity to take advantage of the ignorance of many, so they dedicated themselves to create applications dedicated to fraud and to take money from many through a very well done scam, and as I was a victim of one of these sites, let me tell you about Bitcoin Revival.

Bitcoin Revival review

Bitcoin Revival review

Advantages of eToro

  • Bitcoin Revival review 100% security
  • Bitcoin Revival review Vergleich mit 16 Cryptocurrencies
  • Bitcoin Revival review Returns from 100 euros
  • Bitcoin Revival review Regulated by CySEC

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How did I fall for a trader scam?

Bitcoin Revival reviewI would like to say that I am a very persuasive person, so falling for a scam is not something that happens to me constantly, but in this case my sixth sense didn’t influence my bad decisions too much, so I don’t know how to feel about it anymore.

Even so, I will try to explain what happened, so that you can create a personal opinion of why something like this happened to me, and if you can learn from this situation, you can surely avoid a fraud in the future. For this I will say what made me decide to use Bitcoin Revival:

  • First of all, I was looking for a broker that would be very friendly with inexperienced people like me, that is, that would help me from the beginning to understand a little more about cryptocurrencies, and that would make the processes easier for me. This is one of the arguments offered by Bitcoin Revival for you to use their services, so it was pretty good.
  • Their automated system allows you to create algorithms that predict the operations to be performed, and in this way you are guaranteeing fixed daily earnings, which you will become a wealthy person in no time (something unrealistic, but I believed it)
  • They offer you discounts and deals that sound very tempting, so they negotiate with you an initial fee to operate, compared to everything they had offered you before, this amount doesn’t sound so crazy.
  • If you are a very busy person and are looking for an app that doesn’t require constant monitoring, then you are in the right place.

I think these reasons don’t sound too bad, but the reality of Bitcoin Revival is very different, and you have to know how to interpret every single thing that is said in the paragraphs that they have carefully laid out for their future users. These arguments are repeated a lot among fraudulent sites, so it is normal to see these pages display these „benefits“ for their subscribers.

Bitcoin Revival – What is it and how does it work?

Bitcoin Revival defines itself as a kind of broker that will help you with your operations related to cryptocurrencies, especially Bitcoin. Through this app you will be able to operate immediately, getting into this world that was unknown to you.

There are some simple steps you need to follow in order to get started with Bitcoin Revival:

  • Register
  • Fill in your details
  • Make your deposit
  • Start trading
  • Generate profit

Supposedly in a few days you will be seeing millionaire profits reflected in your account, because the intelligent robot that is integrated into the system, will take control of all your operations, which will always be made at specific times, freeing you from the loss of capital, making you earn more money every day with minimal effort.

What Bitcoin Revival really does?

Well, you could already see what Bitcoin Revival says about their app, and obviously no one wants to show their flaws, it is normal in any application that we visit, this is why there is always a section dedicated to express your opinion, this is how the reputation of a site is created.

But, by bad luck I was able to discover what Bitcoin Revival refers to when it talks about the reasons why you should invest in this app and not in others, convincing you to give your money, a mistake I hope no one else makes.

I will then translate what Bitcoin Revival truly means by its benefits:

  • First, it defines itself as a broker that is really kind to people inexperienced in the area, offering advice from its brightest professionals in digital trading, so that you not only worry about your lack of knowledge in the area, but also do not worry about the money you are going to put inside the system. But these professionals are nothing more than experts who found a way to make quick and easy money, fooling everyone.
  • They assure you that there is nothing wrong with not being subscribed to any body that regulates their operations, as it is true that there is not one capable of monitoring all transactions worldwide, and this is true, but there are other brokers that do submit to certain regulations imposed by their own country of origin, this gives more security to all processes and protects everyone involved, so this is an easy excuse to justify their lack of supervision.
  • Your intelligent robot will take control of the transactions, so if you know nothing about this, you are in the hands of a machine that predicts everything that is convenient for you. It’s hard to believe that such a system could have a flaw, but the truth is that this robot is not even real, it just pretends to operate for a few minutes and makes the decision that supposedly makes you lose all your investment. It’s a sneaky way of shedding the responsibility of vouching for your money, which is actually in the account of the creators of Bitcoin Revival.
  • At Bitcoin Revival they force you to pay a specific fee, but they don’t do it in a way that you feel pressured, they treat this issue with a lot of intelligence, as they present you with a sort of investment plan, which brings amounts that can really seem exaggerated for anyone. Yet they still manage to present an irresistible offer, and for $250 you will enjoy the offer and the opportunity to take those first steps you have wanted so much within cryptocurrency trading.
  • A promise is made that in a few days you will be a millionaire and that you will be able to enjoy the fortune they will earn for you, but, this is really quite an incredible fantasy, yet there are many people who think this can be done and trust their money because of their desire to multiply their earnings effortlessly.

Should I give up on my idea of investing in Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies due to the con?

No. I know that trusting after going through a bad time like a scam is difficult, however, you have to be sure that somewhere out there are hundreds of apps that really do what they say they do and that do drive cryptocurrency trading, you just have to watch for the signs and also know a little more about their reputation, not only what is shown on their own site, but in other corners of the web.

This is how I came across eToro, and so far I find it to be a pretty straightforward and comprehensive app.

What does eToro offer its users?

  • The opportunity to trade any cryptocurrency of your choice
  • Constant learning to prepare you as an expert trader.
  • Complete control over your finances.
  • A reliable system that is constantly monitored.
  • Keep you away from scams.

eToro has been in the market for a long time, offering its users the possibility to know in depth the cryptocurrency market, because not only will you be able to make any transaction on its platform, but you will also acquire the knowledge of other more experienced users who share important information to take into account for those who really want to learn about this.

The eToro application is one of the few regulated brokers that exist today, for this reason it is important to be considered as a safe site, through which you can achieve your goals of being a broker and generate some profits when you have gained some experience.