Bitcoin Pro review – Is it legit or is it a scam?

Bitcoin Pro reviewThe Bitcoin, surely you have heard about this topic in some meeting of colleagues and this is because every day there are more people interested in the subject, however there are many people still skeptical about the subject and more when it comes to using a software as advanced as it is Bitcoin Pro. This is completely understandable, as the cryptocurrency market is very volatile, but you don’t have to worry, because with this guide you will learn what you need to know about this high-tech world.

So if you have little or no experience in this world, it’s time to learn. So let’s start talking about what exactly Bitcoin Pro is.

Bitcoin Pro review

Bitcoin Pro review

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What is Bitcoin Pro and how does the trader work?

Bitcoin Pro reviewIt is a cryptocurrency software whose sole purpose is to help everyone who wants to invest in this market. The software is based on intelligent technology which means that the program can learn from the decisions you make and will help you to back up all the information.

This program according to its website is very simple and practical to use, plus it has one of the simplest and most practical interfaces on the market, all this as commented by the website, however to consult other external opinions to those offered by the page, we can see negative opinions

How Bitcoin Pro claims to work

Bitcoin Pro reviewTo get started on this platform, you must register and create a free account, for this you must start filling out a form, in the form you will be asked for data such as your First and Last Name, your email address and a phone number. This platform allows anyone to register easily, it also works with any country, including Latin America, all this as noted on the website.

Registering on the platform does not generate any cost. However, in order to be able to work, the website asks for a deposit of 250 euros. If you do not make this deposit you cannot trade, especially you cannot trade live.

The platform allows you to make this deposit by debit cards, credit cards such as Visa and MasterCard. It also allows deposits via bank transfers. The site offers protection of user data through data encryption. It should be noted that this site cannot be used in the United States, however the site claims to be governed by all US verifications and legalisations. There is also no guarantee of data protection and no money back guarantee.

Demonstration or trial accounts

The site also offers that if the user is not completely sure about signing up to the site, they can request a demo or trial account, through this account you can see the visibility of the platform, as well as the practicality with which the site is used. And through this account you can see how to use the account without making any deposits.

This is what many people are afraid of when entering a gambling site or a site that promises trading with cryptocurrencies. It is not easy for a person who is just starting out in this world to make a large deposit of money without the security of being able to earn some money back.

What fake benefits does Bitcoin Pro claim to have?

The Bitcoin Pro platform offers many benefits to its users and it does this because of the need to find more users for its platform, due to the reputation it has earned. Among the benefits offered by this platform, which are documented on its website we have.

  • It is practical and easy to use, the site offers all its users that it is easy to use. In addition to the features offered by the site is that it is basic so that every user can understand it, so it makes the site attractive, but that does not mean that it is safe
  • It offers a verification system with which it verifies that all the data is correct, but in the same way it gives the user some security with respect to their personal data, however there is no documentation of the same
  • A 24/7 online and telephone support system. Which has been constantly criticised, as it does not offer any kind of attention
  • Offers accounts on a demo or trial basis. Similarly, it offers all users who do not feel confident with the site, the possibility to request a demo or demo account so that you can familiarise yourself with the platform without the need to make a deposit and create a real account.
  • Trained staff. Similarly, the site offers highly trained staff to help you with all your queries. But this is completely false

Mobile App and US Availability

The site is not available for the United States. Although it offers a wide variety of countries and is available for multiple European and Latin American countries, it is not available for the United States. However, there is other, more reliable software that can be used in the United States, and there are many software and applications that are not classified as fraud and scams.

Regarding the mobile application, we must mention that there is no mobile application, in order to enter the platform you must do it through the website, which you can enter through the browser or mobile phone.

Frequently Asked Questions about Bitcoin Pro

The Bitcoin Pro website offers a catalogue or session of frequently asked questions, among which we can highlight the following:

  • Can you withdraw money from Bitcoin Pro without making a deposit?

No, if you do not make the initial deposit you can not withdraw money from the account, nor can you make any kind of movement, or any investment.

  • Is it profitable to invest in Bitcoin Pro?

Many people do not consider it profitable to invest in this website. Since very little information is known about it, in addition to the fact that people who have reviewed the site on other social networks and other platforms do not recommend it and consider the site to be unreliable.

  • Are there any other platforms similar to Bitcoin Pro?

Yes, there are other platforms similar to Bitcoin in the world, but according to the reviews on their page, this is one of the best in the world. However many users consider it a scam and a fraud.

  • Is it based on a pyramid scheme?

No, the Bitcoin Pro website is not based on any pyramid scheme, as its main function is to make profit through cryptocurrencies.

  • Do I have to pay anything to open the account?

No, you do not have to pay anything to open the account, but you must make a deposit in order to invest.

  • What happens if I don’t make the deposit?

If you do not make a deposit you cannot make investments and therefore cannot generate profits through cryptocurrencies.

  • How much is the deposit amount?

The deposit to be made is €250 for European countries. The amount for Latin American countries is unknown.

Opinions and Experience with Bitcoin Pro

As for my opinion and experience in analyzing the Bitcoin Pro site, I must admit that it proves to be a reliable site according to what the site offers, but in reality it is not a reliable site. A lot is unknown about it and the little information that is available is found on the official website.

There are some reviews on other websites, which speak negatively about the Bitcoin Pro website. They say that it is a scam and a fraud, that they keep your deposit money and that you cannot make withdrawals afterwards.

In the same way, many people say that the customer service does not work 24 hours a day or 7 days a week, that repeatedly when you ask a question or concern, no one responds. In addition to the fact that the website offers trained personnel for each user and none of this was offered to any of the users.

The site has gained a bad reputation from multiple users who were scammed by the site and many of them even talk about the fact that in order to sign up for the Bitcoin Pro site, you must also sign up for another site and make an adjacent payment.

This is one of the reasons why this site has earned the label of fraud and scam. In my personal opinion, if you are looking for any site to make money through cryptocurrencies especially Bitcoin, then you should look for another site and not Bitcoin Pro.

Alternative: eToro

It is common that many people in this world completely doubt all the sites after reading this article, but the truth is that there are sites that are really good when it comes to working in the world of Bitcoin.

One of them is the famous platform known as eToro. eToro is an exchange platform that is endorsed by the entire online world and has a gigantic reputation. Here you can learn how to trade from 0 by taking advantage of the different courses offered by eToro.

eToro not only offers bitcoin trading, but you can also find many types of cryptocurrencies, stocks and many other forms of investment, and although the profits are not explosive, they are totally real and you will never again have a hard time withdrawing the money that is yours.