Bitcoin Millionaire Review – Is it safe & legit or a scam?

Bitcoin Millionaire reviewThe world is full of amazing opportunities to learn about interesting topics, especially those that are often trending, so it is important to try to stay up to date. One example of such interesting topics is cryptocurrencies, which have helped many people to boost a completely digital commerce, very different from the one we knew until recently.

But, just as new alternatives are emerging for people to stay in the current market, there are also those who take advantage of many of these people who are looking for a bit of economic independence or who, out of curiosity, want to start investing in Bitcoin or other digital currencies.

This group of malicious people is made up of experts who want, through a scam, to take all the money you want to invest. But this scam is very well elaborated, as every day they get hundreds of victims who believe they can materialize all their dreams and desires with the help that these applications supposedly offer them.

Today we will talk about a website that has claimed thousands of victims, but these have decided to help so many people so that they do not make the same mistakes as them, we will talk about Bitcoin Millionaire.

Bitcoin Millionaire review

Bitcoin Millionaire review

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  • Bitcoin Millionaire review Returns starting from 100 euros
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What is Bitcoin Millionaire? Is it a con or does the app work?

Bitcoin Millionaire reviewBitcoin Millionaire is sold on the web as an application that is dedicated to advising and conducting various operations related to cryptocurrencies. In other words, if you are interested in trading these coins, you would need an intermediary to help you carry out all the required steps.

Surely your lack of experience can lead you to fall into the Bitcoin Millionaire fraud, that and the hundreds of arguments that this page has been dedicated to create through various professionals who have spent hours programming the site to make it look safe and reliable.

Bitcoin Millionaire talks about becoming a millionaire in a very short time, and also about multiplying all your money in record time. They also talk about taking care of all your affairs, so you don’t need any level of knowledge or experience with cryptocurrencies.

This site has been around for a while now, accumulating the most unfortunate people into a select group who have ended up with an empty account and a lot of disappointment, and a feeling of helplessness, because there is no way to unsubscribe from this site.

Why can’t you unsubscribe from the Bitcoin Millionaire scam?

Many people are hesitant to believe in Bitcoin Millionaire’s bad reputation, and they argue that if it is already known to be a scam site, and popular opinion supports this, then why don’t they take the site down?

The answer is quite simple, and has to do with the company’s status with certain entities. You’ve probably heard before that any cryptocurrency trading is not fully regulated, and that’s partly true. But you should also know that in several countries there are regulatory bodies that monitor these operations.

I can say that this is true because I know a very serious and popular broker that is regulated by national and international standards and its name is eToro.

But, coming back to the subject, as Bitcoin Millionaire is an unregulated broker, when there is any inconsistency (and there always are), it is impossible to create any complaint, or at least successfully address it to someone who can take action in this matter and resolve any conflict, because for any body, this company is not legal.

Bitcoin Millionaire, inside the scam

For Bitcoin Millionaire it is very important to make you feel at home, trusting in what people can do for you, thinking that this will not have any kind of consequence or impact on your daily life, but this is far from reality.

Bitcoin Millionaire uses a good amount of information on their website, and a percentage of it is usually real, so it is safe to say that at this point you will be seriously considering using their services in order to reach your goal with their advice.

Testing with them seems to be very simple, as you just have to enter the app and register all the data requested by Bitcoin Millionaire, to start your operations. Once you have completed the form, the system will pretend to apply a kind of security test and then give you access to your account.

Once you are inside the system, you will be asked to pay the minimum fee to be able to watch the live market and participate in it, and at the end of the process, the smart bot will take control of everything.

What does it mean that there is a robot in the system?

Most of these applications (at least the ones that are not fraudulent) base their operations on algorithms and statistics created from these, so that any transaction that is made, will be accompanied by the most accurate information possible.

Bitcoin Millionaire pretends to make you believe that a robot with artificial intelligence will do everything, and that you will almost certainly win a large amount of money, because the algorithm never fails.

And maybe it is true that there is an algorithm, but it is definitely not in your favour, as its main mission is to make you lose your money in the fastest way, blaming you for giving up complete control over it.

How to lose my money with Bitcoin Millionaire?

These are simple steps, but if they seem very similar to other apps, you’ll want to do some research on their reputation, so you don’t run the risk of falling for a scam:

  • Free registration
  • Basic data request.
  • Request deposit with the requested amount.
  • Accept the conditions on which the robot will make trades, even if you are not online.

Tips to avoid a scam like Bitcoin Millionaire

While I wish I could protect everyone from scams like these, usually those who are inexperienced in cryptocurrencies do not spend enough time to validate the opinion of real users who have suffered from scams.

But, being yet another victim of these fraudulent groups, I have learned that there are some signs that are able to give away even the most skilled scammer. Some of these could be:

  • They don’t put much stock in the data provided, i.e. the security test seems pretty basic.
  • You should always validate the reputation of these sites, so it is quite important that you understand that once you have decided to invest in Bitcoin or another cryptocurrency, some research work should be done beforehand, to create a realistic opinion about what the site you have chosen for your operations is really like.
  • See if this site is regulated under certain rules, i.e. you should pay particular attention to those that have certain bodies monitoring them, and forget those that do not have much information about this, because they are surely hiding something.
  • Before you start making any trades, you should do some research on the behaviour of your chosen currency.
  • It is preferable to invest in sites that have good reviews and are safe.

eToro is the best investment option

You should know that not everything is negative for those of us who feel like investing in digital currencies, because surely there are sites created with the purpose of boosting cryptocurrency trading, however, very few of these sites are really safe and are able to meet your real needs, for this reason I can say that eToro is one of those wonderful gems that you feel a great fortune to have discovered.

What does eToro have that the others don’t have?

eToro offers for all its users the opportunity to study the cryptocurrency market, with its main goal being to boost the cryptocurrency market by giving all the necessary tools to its users to become the broker they have always wanted to be.

It must be said that in eToro you have the opportunity to learn from the application and also from other users who are much more experienced than you, because this app works as a social network where important content is shared for personal use. This means that every minute you spend checking the app can be an opportunity to nurture yourself.

Another advantage that I always like to highlight about eToro is that it is one of the few apps that are governed by the rules set by an entity, so your movements are always monitored and your transactions are completely transparent, and this kind of security no other app can give you.

Finally, I always like to emphasise the fact that no matter how experienced you are as a trader, with eToro you have the ability to be the one who decides on the trades that will be carried out on your account.